What did you make happen today?

Me on the left, Great auntie Cissy in the middle and Great auntie Mary on the right.

Other than the wow factor of writing the date 2.2.22. backwards and it being the same date, or the day now being assigned the new name of ‘Twos-day’, it carries little, if any, meaning.

You might beg to differ. You might say, ‘well you never know what might happen’ and you would of course be right.

Things might happen that I hadn’t thought of and hadn’t planned for.

Yet these are things that I know nothing of. There is little I can do until I become aware of them in some way. So, until they do, if at all emerge, I will choose to continue with them having no real meaning.

I grew up in a family where I was constantly reminded that anything could happen and that often escalated into ‘something ‘bad’ could happen if I ever questioned it.

My new shoes never went on a surface other than the floor, I learnt not to walk under ladders or go in a green car. These are just a few examples of the many ‘conditions’ that were applied to the rule and how I learnt to live my life so as to avoid as many of the ‘bad’ outcomes that would inevitably happen ‘to me’, if I strayed off course.

Whilst some of the conditions could have been in place to keep me safe and provide me some structure, as I grew and the world around me got bigger, so did my imagination and my experience of anxiety.

Though I do also have some lovely memories. Having my tea leaves ceremoniously and regularly read by my great auntie Cissy at my nana’s card table, after she and her own aunties had finished playing poker, has remained steadfast as one of my favourites.

Partly because when my nan and her aunties got together, they sang, danced and laughed very loudly and laughter is contagious. It hits the dopamine button and lifts our mood instantly.

They would often dress me up in old net curtains with their arm length gloves and beads and put flowers in my hair. They played at being my ‘bridesmaids, and ‘ladies in waiting,’ as I their princess Tina. Paraded around my nana’s ground floor council flat and garden.

Though I suspect it is because I would always learn good things were going to ‘happen to me’. I was delighted by the encouraging gasps of joy from each auntie, when they heard me being blessed with good fortune in my life ahead. As aunt Cissy held a serious gaze into my teacup and spoke with her soft gentle Dublin accent. I still smile warmly at these memories.

My work is with people and their businesses, projects and ideas. They trust me with their own stories and beliefs and often when they start to work with me, they are living their lives and running their businesses ‘conditionally’ and with a ‘who knows what might happen’ mindset.

Whilst ‘who knows’ can be exciting as a concept it can also breed fear, create blocks and lead to a state of mental and sometimes literally physical pain that can be overwhelming and exhausting.

So, when we unravel the difference between what might happen and what is possible if we take control, the shift in confidence and the ability to make decisions can be incredible. I love to see and hear that liberating voice make an appearance in everyone who chooses to work with me.

It’s important that I continue to remind myself of how early stories and beliefs can impact on my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours even now and that I continue to work with these within myself. To listen to the resistance in my own thoughts, the tone and sound of my inner voice and my public voice too. Both my written and spoken word.

Continuing to work on myself means I continue to hear, feel and understand when people and their business have got stuck. I get better and better at it. This means I can help make it easier for the people who work with me to get better and better at working with it for themselves too.

My approach is to work ‘with’ the person, not ‘for’ them or doing something ‘to’ or ‘at’ them. The partnership is key to sharing and mutual understanding.

I am incredibly proud of that being a part of what makes mine and my clients relationship work so well together.

Because I continue to grow and learn and share, at the end of the day on 2.2.22 or any other day, I focus on the good stuff.

I remain grateful for the business I have now and the wonderful opportunities to work with some incredible people. Just the same as at the end of each session with a client we focus together on their good stuff too.

Though most importantly at the end of each day I don’t say “that was another great business day and I don’t know how that happened again”.

I make sure that I say “‘I did that, I made today another amazing business day, me and my clients, together we can do it”.






Professional Development and Leadership Mentor, Coach, Educator and Consultant. Writing about things I think about when washing the dishes.

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Tina Poyzer (FHEA) (FCMI) (MCMA)

Tina Poyzer (FHEA) (FCMI) (MCMA)

Professional Development and Leadership Mentor, Coach, Educator and Consultant. Writing about things I think about when washing the dishes.

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